The adaptation of the recycling symbol represents the wholistic systems approach which PERSONAL Research & Evaluation takes to the iterative (spiralling) inter-connection of Psychology Evaluation, Research as applied to design and transfer of Systems, Organisations, Networks & Action Learning.

PERSONAL Research & Evaluation

We provide resources & specialise in:

Evaluation and
Research through design and transfer of:
Networks and

Dr. Colin Andrew Sharp

Dr. Colin Andrew Sharp

Management Evaluation Consultant, Coach & Online Learning Facilitator
Colin A. Sharp, B.A. (Hons, Psych), Ph.D. (Psych), FAES; FICSA/FGIA, Cert IV (TAA04); Dip. Govt. (Proj. Mngt); Adv. Dip. Bus. (HR);


Established in 1986 in Melbourne, Australia
P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L. Research & Evaluation Consultancy Pty Ltd then moved to Adelaide from 1991.
We have conducted over 50 consultancies and more than 100 training workshops, as well as taught many MBA and other University courses since 1988.
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