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Sharp, C.A. (2001) “Evaluation of competency based management training and the Frontline Management Initiative (FMI) in the public sector.”Refereed Paper in proceedings of AES International Evaluation Conference, Canberra, October, 2001.(Sharp_FMI-evaluation2001)Overview of evaluation of the NCVER funded evaluation of the Frontline Management Initiative
Sharp, C.A. (2014) “Measuring Learning Outcomes of Management Education”BestThinking –(www site closed) blog : (SharpGAS_learningoutcomes2014)Introduces  Goal Attainment Scaling for management education

Sharp, C.A. (2009)

“Assessing the future?  It’s a GAS”

BestThinking– –(www site closed)  blog (ColinSHARP-future-GAS)Introduces Futurity and Goal Attainment Scaling for Strategic Thinking, Project Management , Leadership and Risk Management
Sharp, C.A. 2016 “Preparing for career change – Engaging Graduate Students in WIL outcome self-determination and self-assessment using e-Portfolios for Research Skills Development & Goal Attainment Scaling”Graduate Management Association of Australia (GMAA) Paper (12/8/16) at Annual MBA Symposium & Conference, University of Wollongong, Sydney Business School (Sharp2016GMAA-learningoutcomes+e-portfolio)Introduces various tools (GAS, e-Portfolio) in addressing students’ engagement in assurance of learning and the facilitation of career development learning for MBA students, as they face the challenges of industrial change.
Crilley, G. & Sharp, C.A. 2006.  “Insights from research: Managerial qualities and operational performance: a proposed model”Measuring Business Excellence, vol. 10, no. 2, 2006, pp. 4-18.   (Crilley&Sharp2006)Reports on measurement of the relationship between managerial qualities displayed by the manager as one variable, and the resultant operational performance of the centre for which the manager is responsible. Attempts to quantify this relationship are rare in the literature of leisure management. Tin doing so the paper details a complex, two-tiered level of national surveys that provided the proposed model of the relationship between the facility manager and the organisation’s operational performance. Furthermore, the study raises professional implications
Sharp, C.A. 2020a “Lessons of Legendary Leadership 1: Machavelli’s Missive”LinkedIN Group: Oath of Responsible Leadership (Machiavelli_Lessons2020)Essay1 of the Lessons of Legendary Leadership series. Explains how Machiavelli advised leaders on Turbulent Times, Leadership Learning and Chance in Politics and Hegemony
Sharp, C.A. 2020b “Lessons of Legendary Leadership 2: Weber’s Warning”LinkedIN Group: Oath of Responsible Leadership (LLL2Webers lessons on CharismaticLeaders)Essay2 of the Lessons of Legendary Leadership series. Explains how Weber advised leaders on the perils of Charisma
Sharp, C.A. 2020c “Lessons of Legendary Leadership 3: Freud & the F-Scale”LinkedIN Group: Oath of Responsible Leadership (LLL3Freud_Catharsis2020)Essay3 of the Lessons of Legendary Leadership series. Explains Freud’s theory of cathexis and catharsis as related to leaders and follower relationships.
Sharp, C.A. 2020d “Change Challenges:
Search for a Vision of Responsible Leadership in a Turbulent World”
LinkedIN Group: Oath of Responsible Leadership (LLL4Change_CHALLENGES2020)Essay4 of the Lessons of Legendary Leadership series. Explains the need for the Oath of Responsible Leadership