Val? Richard Clive Elvins

Unfortunately one our co-consultants and friends, Richard Elvins died in May, 2010. We was 64 years wise and had been undergoing treatment for cancer for the past 2 years.

Richard will be remembered as a strong contributor and committed foundation member of the AES. He served as a member of the National Board of the AES and conference committees and publication committee. He was a leading contributor in the Victorian Branch for several years (including managing the memorable 1992 AES Conference).

Outside the AES he had over twenty years of experience consulting across the public sector in Victoria, both as an internal consultant within the public sector and, more recently, as an external consultant. His responsibilities have included Manager, Evaluation, Department of Education; Project Director, Strategic Planning and Evaluation, Department of Education; Director, Management Improvement, Department of Treasury and Finance; and Manager, Program Evaluation, Ministry of Finance.
But he had a life beyond his professional commitments being an active sportsman (cricket and golf) and family man. But even in these spheres he excelled and exemplified the same level of commitment and vigour as he did for the AES. Indeed, he was made an Honorary Life Member of the Australian Cricket Society, having rescued it from a threatened state during his years as President.

Like others we found Richard to be one of the most warm, likeable and generous of our many close colleagues and friends in the AES. He will be missed…….

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